Guidelines for submitting abstracts

The Sri Lanka College of Microbiologists invites you to submit abstracts to be considered for
presentation at the International Conference on Infectious Diseases and Antimicrobial
Resistance Sri lanka 2018.
Presentations can be either oral or in poster form. Oral presentations will be given 10 minutes
for presentation and 5 minutes for discussion. Please note that abstracts of all presentations will
be published in the SLCM Bulletin. Abstracts must be submitted on or before 28 th February 2018.
One of the authors should be registered for the session and present on the date and time
allocated for their presentation at the conference. Failure to present the paper will lead to all
the authors of that particular paper being barred from submitting and presenting papers at
Annual Scientific Sessions of Sri Lanka College of Microbiologists for a period of 3 years.

(A) Authors

  • Authors should include all those who have contributed to the work described, including supervisors
    and if applicable, those interpreting and analyzing data used in the study to be presented. Only
    persons who contributed to the intellectual content of the paper should be listed as authors.
    Authors should meet all of the following criteria, and be able to take public responsibility for the
    content of the paper:

    • Conceived and planned the work that led to the paper, or interpreted the evidence it
      presents, or both.
    • Wrote the paper or reviewed successive versions, and took part in revising them.
    • Approved the final version.
    • Each author should have contributed sufficiently to the work to take public responsibility for
      the content.

    Collecting and assembling data reported in a paper and performing routine investigations are not, by
    themselves, criteria for authorship

  • The author uploading the abstract to the web should certify that each author has made a significant
    contribution to the work and all authors consent the abstract submission to the conference.

(B) Title page

  • Name(s) of the author(s) and place(s) where research has been carried out with the title of the
    abstract should be given in the title page. Authors surname should be preceded by the initial(s) but
    not by prefixes such as Mr. or Dr. or Prof.
  • The name of the principal author should be stated first. Authors’ names will be published in the
    abstract book in the order submitted by the principal author.
  • Title: The title should be brief but sufficiently descriptive of the study reported. Capital letters should
    be used only for the first letter in the first word in the title and proper nouns.
  • Address: The address of the institution in which the work was carried out should be included. If the
    collaborators are from different institutions, their institutional affiliations have to be mentioned
    below the list of authors identifying each author with a number in superscript after the name and
    the same number in superscript before the name of the institution.

(C) Abstract

  • The abstract must report the results of original research. If the work has been presented or
    published previously in whole or in part, form and the year of presentation or publication and the
    forum or journal should be stated in the abstract. This does not disqualify a paper. Work already
    presented/ published in Sri Lanka will only be considered for poster presentations.
  • Abstract page should carry only the title and the text. (It should not contain Name(s) of the author(s)
    and place(s) where research has been carried out)
  • The abstract (including the title) should not exceed 350 words.
  • It should be structured as far as possible into the following
    1. A brief introduction may indicate why the study was undertaken.
    2. Objective(s)
    3. Design, setting and methods (include statistical methods where relevant)
    4. Results
    5. Conclusions.

    Prospective authors are requested to see the abstracts of research papers in a recent issue of the
    CMJ for further guidance on writing abstracts.

  • If Case Reports are submitted they should be structured as Introduction, Case report and Discussion.Case reports will be considered for poster presentations only.
  • References should not be included.
  • Where units are used, they should be in SI units, and abbreviation of units should follow standard
  • Tables: should be included only if absolutely essential.
  • Diagrams / Chemical structures: should be included only if absolutely essential.
  • The Abstract must not contain statements such as “Results will be discussed”.
  • Acknowledgements: Should be restricted to Agencies/ Institutions providing funding or sponsorship
    and should be in the form, “Financial assistance by …….. For research grant (number) ………. is
  • Abstracts will be reviewed by the Editorial Board, two reviewers and by a third reviewer in case of
    any arbitration.
  • The Council of The Sri Lanka College of Microbiologists retains the right to select reviewers.
  • The decision of the reviewers will be final.
  • All changes recommended by the reviewers should be made before the abstract is finally accepted.
  • Names cannot be changed once it has been accepted for presentation.
  • All correspondence will be addressed to the Principal Author with copies to the other authors.


Manuscripts should be formatted in Times New Roman font size 12, with 1.5 spacing and the title should
be in the same font size in bold type.

  • The manuscript must be proofread by the author prior to submission.
  • The acceptable rates for spelling and grammatical errors are as follows.
    • Spelling mistake – 5%
    • Grammatical errors – 5%
  • Please note – failure to comply with the above requirement will result in the rejection of the manuscript.


Click here to download the submission form and submit your abstract to [email protected] on or before 28 th February 2018.